Opposites, Opposites – Up, Down … Left, Right

We learned a lot from Mr. O this week … he taught the class about opposites, outstanding health AND I believe we have found our favorite letter song thus far! We started a new theme this week after Thanksgiving break about HEALTH and NUTRTITION – we are learning about the importance of staying healthy. We made a list of how our families stay healthy and different things we can do to help!

Mr. O spent the week with our class! In addition to learning about his letter and sound, we talked about opposites and the class had a good time thinking of different opposites each day! Our WOW words this week were: cozy, soothe, smidgen, fret, shiver. We reviewed our numbers from 0-5 and the formation of each number. Lastly, it was MANNERS WEEK! We read books about manners – saying please, thank you, not talking with our mouths full, looking people in the eyes when you talk to them and so on! We capped off manners week with a formal manners snack! And we had a special guest as Father Mike joined our meal, It was a lot of fun! We are preparing for the start of Advent on Sunday – we have our Advent wreaths ready and we are hoping St. Nick visits our classroom in anticipation of Jesus’ birth.

Lastly, we kicked off the week with another early release due to a sudden announced extended power outage – thank you for your quick response and patience.

Next Week: We will meet Mr. C and learn about counting groups of five! We will continue our Health and Nutrition theme learning about Go, Slow and Whoa foods!

SPECIAL NOTE: Please send in a spare pair of pants for your child’s reserve clothing bag. Many students have summer shorts in their reserve bag which can no longer be worn after October 15th according to the school dress code – we will send any shorts home!

Dates to Remember:

  • December 3rd – Scholastic Book Orders Due
  • December 4th – Early Dismissal
  • December 6th – St. Nick Day
  • December 20th & 21st – Early Dismissal
  • December 21st – HBD Jesus Celebration 8:15-9:15am
  • December 25th – HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!
  • January 7th – Classes Resume

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