Sept. 11, 2018

We talked very briefly about the attacks on our country on Sept. 11.  I gave them very few details, but we did talk about how important it is to remember the past and to pray for the victims.  I encouraged the kids to ask at home if they have more questions or concerns.

In Science, we learned about the Six Kingdoms of Living Things.  Your child has both an article and a summary chart to help with homework tonight.

We finished up the Reading NWEA. A handful of children are still not done, but they’ll have an opportunity to finish up with Mrs. Schuppig.

Your child is receiving a book order today.  Orders are due to me or online by next Tuesday.


Math     p. 74-75

Science   worksheet

LA            continue working on narrative

Spelling    worksheet due, both sides

Reading    read Ch. 9 in “Shiloh”

Have a great evening!

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