Short and Fun Week!

Wow – it was a busy short week! We talked about how we learn at school and we all were excited to share how we stay safe at school and at home. We practiced our classroom rules and school rules – no doubt they will become easier as the school year progresses!

This was our first exposure to centers – one group worked on patterning while the other group worked on their names. We learned about AB patterns and used movement, blocks and marshmallows with paint to practice the patterning. Our classroom calendar even is helping us learn about patterns. They enjoyed using shaving cream on the tables and the sand trays to practice writing their name with their pointer finger.

The class decorated the room with a cool rainbow craft they made which we hung from our ceiling (sky)! We reviewed the colors of the rainbow ROYGBiV … Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, (indigo), Violet.

Our WOW words for the week were: explore, discover, responsible, alert, and careful.

Don’t forget! No school Thursday, Friday or Labor Day Monday! Even though it was a short week, we sent rest towels home to be washed and returned – please send towel back on Tuesday! Have a great weekend!


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