7th Grade

7th Grade Rubric Sgraffito

Slab Thickness 10 Slab Tidy/Well Constructed 10 Glaze well applied (thickness, clean) 10 Design Clear 10 Design Clean (used water, no chips) 10 Overall Composition 20 On Task 40 OVERALL SCORE: 110

7th Grade Artist Statement Rubric

Two artist statements are posted below the rubric.  They are for two books I made and showed in class. Artist Statement: 20 points: 1 Name 1 Date 1 Title of your artwork 2 Medium (What items did you use to make your book…for example: paper, glue, painted paper…) List all items. 11 Explanation: Explain why […]

7th Grade Explosion Book Rubric

7th Grade Explosion Book BASIC CONSTRUCTION: Folding – initial construction, indiv. Pages 10 Folding – closure lines up 10 Gluing 10 Cover – glued well, straight 10 TOTAL BASIC CONSTRUCTION 40 GELLI PLATE PRINTS: Adequate amount of ink 10 Two prints made 10 Cleaned up properly 20 Participation/Behavior during Gelli Plate Work 10 TOTAL GELLI […]

7th Grade Mandala Rubric

4 layers/centered 10 Pencil lines clean/erased 10 Design made well 20 Original idea (personal to student) 10 Colored well 20 Designs repeated radially 10 Color choice/medium choice 10 Overall composition/balance 10 Participation/On task in class 40 TOTAL POINTS 140