8th Grade

8th Grade Rubric Mug

8th Grade Mug Rubric Near Seamless Construction 10 Appropriate Thickness 10 No Cracks 10 Smooth, No sharp edges, no food pockets 10 Handle Appropriately Sized 10 Handle Well Constructed 10 Handle Well Attached 10 Holds Liquid 10 Glazed 3 coats 10 Originality/Creativity 10 On Task 40 140

8th Grade Rope Bowl Rubric

8th Rope Bowls Tight construction 20 Transitions for threads smooth 10 Rope covered 10 Rope secured properly to nextdoor rope 10 Overall presentation 40 (even, colors used, sits well, finishing, useful) Participation 40 TOTAL POINTS 130

8th Grade Pixel Paintings Rubric

8th Pixel Painting Initial planning sheet 20 Grid consistent 10 Paint application: correct amount of paint 10 Background distinguished from foreground 10 Work is tidy (erased pencil lines, paint crisp) 20 Pixelated using different tints, no solid areas 30 Participation 40 TOTAL POINTS 140

8th Grade Economic Mall Poster Rubric

Each worth 5 points: Printed Names are on front 2 Fonts only Fonts are easy to read Store name listed Pictures of items Prices clear and easy to read Overall easy to read/clear design Clean pictures Tagline Total 50 points. Due Friday December 7th.