Thursday, April 11, 2019

As I said to the kids today, just because they CAN wear shorts, it doesn’t necessarily mean they SHOULD wear shorts.  This morning, we had many shivery class members.  Watch the weather forecast, and remind your child to dress accordingly.  Speaking of shorts, this is just a reminder that the kids may only wear black, white, or blue solid socks.  Other colors do not follow dress code, and when the kids are in shorts, it’s easy to tell what color socks they have on.

Tomorrow, there is no Literacy Lounge.  We will begin our practice tests for the ILEARN during that time. We will finish up the practice tests next week, and then we will begin the actual test.

Today, I saw a really amazing thing that impressed me.  While waiting in the hall, Mrs. Terry gave a yellow card to a child she believed was talking.  This child always takes accountability when he does wrong, so I was surprised when I saw that he was upset.  Before they were even in the door, two other boys spoke to me privately and said that the first boy actually was not talking, and instead it was them.  They said the three of them were in line together, and that was why Mrs. Terry may have thought it was the first boy.  I asked if they were sure, and they said they were, and that they understood that they deserved the yellow cards.  They got yellow cards themselves, and the boy who was innocent returned his.  I had to take a moment and talk with the class about justice and accountability, even when it isn’t easy.  These two boys in no way had to speak up; however, they saw an injustice, and took it upon themselves to correct it.  Now, that’s character!


Spelling    3X each/pyramids

Reading    review for test

Soc. Stu.    work on 7 wonders project

Have a great afternoon!

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