Thursday, December 6, 2018

St. Nicholas visited last night and left everyone a treat.

Please remember that lines for the play need to be memorized tomorrow, and costumes need to be in.  Next week, we are hitting it hard.  We’ve, unfortunately, not gotten many opportunities to practice this week.  It seems to be taking us overlong to even get through our work, much less practice.  I know next week, though, we will be spot on.

We lost our morning recess today because the class was very uncooperative with Mrs. Fox, and she took it away.  I reminded them that the Christmas program is almost upon us, and they definitely want to know what they are doing.


Math     p. 304-305

Reading   1.  Review for test   2.  finish third spirit

LA              final copy of future paragraph; typed or in ink and cursive on control lined paper

Spelling     3X each/pyramids

Remember to join us for Literacy Lounge if you can at 9:30.

Have a great evening!

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