Thursday, Feb. 22, 2019

The kids finally got to go outside for recess!  It’s so hard on everyone when it’s too cold and wet to go out.  I know they were happy.

I’ve noticed with the kids Reading tests that they do very well with the vocab., and then struggle with the comprehension questions.  I think this is a result of not going over the story again on Thursday nights.  Even though we read the story together in class, they really must review the details in order to remember and comprehend the story.

We have a lot of sick kiddos in 4J.  Please remind your child to use his/her elbow when they cough and sneeze and to wash hands frequently.


Soc. Stu. finish study questions; study for states and capitals quiz

Reading   review story and vocab. for test

Spelling    3X each/pyramids

Have a great afternoon!

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