Thursday, January 10, 2019

We did the Reading part of our NWEA for winter this afternoon.  The kids who didn’t finish will have the opportunity to do so at a different time.

The kids’ Math tests were not as good as I’d have liked.  What I noticed is that many of them are making errors with basic facts – adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. If you find that your child is weak with facts, practice is a must.  Flashcards for five minutes a day could make a big difference.

Mrs. Terry and I, as well as some of the specials teachers, are finding some members of 4J are  having a difficult time listening and staying on task.  Today in Social Studies, the kids went 5 minutes over time, and still didn’t get work time for their project.  As a result, I told them they would need to have their footprint in tomorrow, since they were wasting so much time, that they obviously need challenging.  Then, as they started with me, more than half of them did not follow Mrs. Terry’s instructions to use pen, and had to erase everything they’d written.  I’m sure this is very frustrating for the kids, but they really need to tune in when directions are given, regardless of who is giving them.

Remember that your child needs two resources of the African American history project tomorrow.

We also have Adoration and Literacy Lounge. Join us 9:30 for some reading time!


Science      study for test tomorrow

Reading      review story and vocab.

Spelling       3X each/pyramids

Soc. Stu.      Footprint due

Have a great afternoon!

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