Thursday, January 24, 2019

Your child is very likely coming home not particularly happy tonight.  We had a very hard day, and I was both shocked and disappointed.  When we came back from break, they were really on point and for the most part, doing what they needed to be doing. This week, all that has changed.  Today, it seemed that every class they went to, they refused to follow directions – they were chatty and distracted, and would not focus and stop talking, even after being asked.  I saw this behavior all day; Mrs. Terry also had this problem in Social Studies, and Mrs. Hill had to stay with them in Library because there were several students disrespectful to Mrs. Harmacinski last week.  We have class members who simply refuse to follow directions and actually watch the adults to see if they are being watched.  Then, they distract not only themselves, but get other kids off track as well.  This is highly disrespectful to teachers, themselves, and their classmates, especially when one considers that they are very aware of expectations.  I have spoken to the class as a group, and I have talked privately to individual students. I have taken behavior points away.  And, I am not seeing a change in behavior; in fact, after I took away points this afternoon and directed the kids to not talk at all, I had kids who STILL turned to talk, and then wondered why they were verbally reprimanded.  If this continues, yellow and red cards will be coming home.  If behavior still doesn’t change, it will likely result in a meeting with administration.  I refuse to continually have our class interrupted by me having to correct problem behavior.  There are kids who do not contribute to the problem, and they deserve to not have to deal with kids disrupting class regularly.  These children are smart, and very capable of doing what is asked of them; I would be doing them no favors by letting them think this behavior is okay.  As they continue on their educational journey, expectations will get harder, not easier.  Please shoot me an email if you have any questions.

Tomorrow, we have Literacy Lounge at 9:30.  We’d love to see you!


Spelling   3X each/pyramids

Soc. Stu.  workbook p. 33

Math         graph practice

Have a good evening!


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