Thursday, March 21, 2019

Happy vernal equinox! We talked about the equinox in Science today, as well as the supermoon tonight, which will be the last one of 2019.  The supermoon will be able to be seen best at 9:43 tonight, which is way past most kids’ bedtime.  However, tomorrow, you can go to the NASA website and use the virtual telescope to see the supermoon, if you are interested.

A member of our class suggested that we have a class rice bowl.  Mrs. Hill has set it up in our classroom, and if your child wishes to contribute, he/she has only to bring in change and drop it in.  In no way is contributing mandatory; it is simply an opportunity that a child suggested that Mrs. Hill and I thought was a great idea.

The children had an opportunity to go to Reconciliation today.  We examined our consciences in class, and discussed things to consider before going so that everyone could make a fruitful confession.


Reading   review for test tomorrow

Spelling    3X each/pyramids

Soc. Stu.   extra credit due tomorrow; study states and capitols

Math         p. 535-537

Religion   blessings flower

LA              edit and proofread; work on final copy of fantasy

Have a great afternoon!


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