Thursday, May 9, 2019

We had a great trip to the chocolate factory today.  A big thanks goes out to our parent chaperones; without you, we couldn’t take field trips. The kids were super at the factory itself.  However, the bus ride back was disappointing.  Even though I talked with them before the trip about good bus behavior, and reminded them before we left the factory, many kids were standing up at their seats or turned around backward.  As a matter of fact, I reminded them on the bus about their behavior, and several kids looked right at me, and continued what they were doing.  This is disappointing for two reasons: firstly, it is unsafe (which I made the kids aware of) and secondly, it is very disrespectful.  Because the most flagrant culprits were congregated on the back of the bus, any further field trips will involve 4J sitting in the first half of the bus in assigned seats.  I cannot, in good conscience, put these kids on a school bus if they are going to act in an unsafe manner.

Tomorrow, we will watch “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.  We will then, next week, work on designing our own factories, combining both realistic and fantasy elements.  We will also write business plans in order to attract investment.  At the end of the week, Mrs. Hill and I will evaluate which three factories seem to be the safest investment.  The entrepreneurs will then receive “funds”.

We got to have a pizza party this afternoon, thanks to HASA.  This was from awhile back when HASA offered a pizza party to any class that had 5 or more parents sign up, and we did!  Thanks so much!


Spelling     3X each/pyramids

LA               work on poetry

We will have Literacy Lounge tomorrow at 9:30, so join us if you can!

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