Thursday, Oct. 18, 2018

Sadly, 4T is about to celebrate their second 100 point treat, and we are sitting at 80 points toward our first reward.  They are good kids, but we aren’t listening and following directions, we aren’t making good choices, and we are all seeing a lot of silly behavior.  We get close to 100 points, and then we start going backward.  Just today, between myself, Mrs. Terry, and Mrs. Fox we had 9 face down yellow cards.  I know these kids can do tons better!

We had an assembly today to announce the winners of our raffle.  It was fun!

Tomorrow, we will have a Math test.


Soc. Stu.      worksheet

Spelling       finish 3X each

Reading       review story for test

Music           get packet signed

Your child may also be working on his/her pumpkin letter or saint report, depending on if the time is needed.

Have a great evening!

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