Thursday, Oct. 4, 2018

Today is the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi.  Because he’s our class patron saint, we decided to celebrate.  We sang “Happy Feast Day”, and enjoyed a treat sent in by our room mom.  Big thanks, to Kristie Springer!

We took our vocab. and religion tests today.  The vocab. is graded, and the kids did really well.  You’ll get both in the next Wednesday folder.

Tomorrow is Literacy Lounge.  Please join us at 9:30 for some reading time.

Tomorrow is also Adoration, so encourage your child to bring a rosary or a prayer book to pray with.


Spelling     3X each/pyramids

Reading     Finish Ch. 8 & 9; review for test

Math          worksheet

Soc. Stu.    p. 49; wkbk p. 12, if not finished in class

Have a great afternoon!

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