Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The first, most important thing you need to know is that the kids need to pack lunch tomorrow.  We’ll be getting back from our field trip a little late, so we won’t be able to get hot lunch.  Regular uniforms need to be worn.

We designed our royal crowns today for our Narnipedia pages, and the kids are working on their coat of arms tonight.

We did our practice test for ILEARN Language Arts.  We have one more, Science, which we will complete on Thursday.

During ILEARN testing next week, it is very important that your child be present.  Tests have to be made up before a student can move on to the next session, so if your child misses a test, he/she cannot move on until the missed test is completed.  Illness cannot be avoided, but please try not to schedule appointments during this time.


Spelling     finish worksheet

Soc. Stu.    7 Wonders

Reading     finish coat of arms

Math          worksheet (most kids finished in class)

Have a great evening!

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