Tuesday, December 11, 2018

In Religion today, we read from the Gospels and needed to figure out who Jesus was respecting, and how he showed respect.  The kids’ answers were so insightful that I truly felt like I could have gone to Starbucks for the rest of the class because my job was done!  Their knowledge clearly reflects on you as parents, and you should be very proud of your students today!

Our practice was much better today.  They are going to get this play off the ground, and be great next week.

On Friday, we have Economic Mall.  The kids should bring a tote bag (or even a grocery bag) to carry their goodies.  They should also bring a wallet or change purse or put their money in a baggie with their names on them.  I will keep their money for them until we go shopping.  I would not send any more than $10-$20 to spend.


Spelling     worksheet

Reading     Scrooge before and after

LA               sloppy copy of pet letter

Math          p. 315-316

Have a great evening!

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