Tuesday, June 4, 2019

We got a lot done today.  We wrote our letters to our 8th grade selves and sealed them in our envelopes, ready to go out in four years.  We made a book to well wish Father Michael this summer as he leaves us.  Most of the kids got their hands passed out and glued into their books.  We cleaned out our lockers and desks so that tomorrow, all we have to do is clean.

Your child is bringing home information about Freckle.  This is a great program to help boost skills over the summer.

Tomorrow is our last academic day of school.  After tomorrow, your child will not need to bring any materials to class.  I’m sending home expandable folders and pencil cases tomorrow.

Thursday is Field Day, and this is their last year.  Fifth graders do different year-end activities, so we want to be sure this is a good one for the kids.

Have a great afternoon!

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