Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Today, we started two final projects in Religion and Science.  In Science, we are researching for basic information on a given scientist, and then designing commemorative stamps for the scientist.  In Religion, we are writing a kind, specific complement to each classmate on a cut out hand; each child will receive a hand from every classmate that they will paste into a book.

The kids are bringing home their Science books tonight, because we will not use them again this year.

Don’t forget your child’s magic eraser and rag for cleaning next week.


Math      worksheet

Spelling    ABC order

LA              poetry due tomorrow

***Bring a baggie to school.

***Bring a self-addressed stamped envelope to school.  The envelope should be made out to your child.

We are writing letters to our 8th grade selves about who we are right now.  When the kids graduate 8th grade, I will send their letters out to them.  It’s a super fun project!

Have a great day!

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