Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Please remember that our Mother’s Mass is tomorrow at 8:30.  Your child should come to the classroom to drop off his/her stuff, and then you should head over to the church.  If you are unable to make it, maybe your child can join a friend and their mom.

Mrs. Skwarcan is unable to chaperone our field trip on Thursday.  Mrs. Schoenle is also coming along, but we need another volunteer.  If you can chaperone, please let me know.

We are almost done learning about all of the optional categories for our poetry book.  That means that your child is ready to begin collecting and writing poems, and putting the book together.

We reviewed for our Religion test today, but your child should also study at home tonight.


Religion    study for test

Spelling     worksheet due

Your child may or may not also have classwork to finish this evening.

Have a great afternoon!

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