Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2018

A full day of school!  I hardly know what to do with myself!  We were able to do our first run through of our Christmas play today, and the kids did pretty well.  They should be practicing lines nightly; lines MUST be memorized by Friday of next week.  We also talked about costuming.  If you have questions and your child can’t tell you, please email me.  Please DO NOT purchase anything special for your child’s play costume.  Anything you don’t have at home, I can pick up at Goodwill.

We are continuing on with “A Christmas Carol”, and we are beginning our second spirit which is due on Friday.

Remember also that turkey stories are due on Friday, and this is a test grade in LA.

Nic G. now has double citizenship, and he told us all about his trip over Thanksgiving break.  This is very exciting stuff!


Reading    2nd spirit due Friday

Spelling    worksheet due tomorrow

LA              turkey story due Friday

Religion    Advent picture

Math         p. 273-275

Have a great afternoon!

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