Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2018

Today in Science, we looked at some characteristics that are single gene traits in humans, so that we could see if we have the dominant or recessive genes.  Your child may come home today with some questions about whether or not you can do certain things in order to determine if they have a dominant gene, but are a recessive carrier.

We talked about how to research for the Saint report today.  Many kids are done, or close to done with the speech.  Most kids need to get busy working on this assignment.  They probably want to be done by Wednesday of next week so that they have time to practice before they give the speech to the class.  Also, please remember that your child needs a costume for the All Schools Mass next week.

The kids are also editing their pumpkin letters tonight.  As soon as your child has edited for ideas, you can help him/her with proofreading.  Remember that the final needs to use friendly letter format.


Math        p. 172-173

Religion    work on saint report

Reading    worksheet

Spelling     p. 6

LA              edit pumpkin letter

Have a great afternoon!

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