U1W2 Think-Tac-Toe 2

Pretty sure I fixed the survey problems: Here’s the new link Parent survey

Spelling: Students will not have choice for several weeks. For this week, the only activities will be

  • Rainbow writing
  • Red & Blue (next week)
  • Waterfall words (next week)

Words with an asterisk mean the word is not phonetic (sound) but rather a red word (a high frequency word that they are learning to spell correctly)


  • Flashcards: simply write the vocabulary word on a notecard or some other piece of paper. Students will be expected to orally read the words in a random order.
  • For the quiz, students are not expected to define or use in a sentence, though they should understand the words’ usage.
  • Which words: for now we’re only going to focus on the High Frequency and Story words. (aka NOT the oral vocabulary words at this point.)

Thanks for all the emails requesting clarification. I promise… I will figure this out and apologize for the inconvenience.

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