Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Today, we were able to get outside for our Science demonstration.  To practice our science process skills, we formed a question (What will happen if mentos come into contact with diet coke?), we watched the demonstration, and now, we are working on our lab reports with partners.  We’ll finish the reports tomorrow, and on Friday, we’ll discuss the science behind the reaction.  An enormous thank you goes to Nic Gasper and Mary Glenn, who risked life and limb (and wore the great big lab coat and goggles!) in order to create the demonstrations for their classes.

I am finding from other teachers that my class, although awesome for me, is not bringing their A game with them when they move to another classroom.  We talked about how expectations actually don’t change regardless of what adult is in charge.  I am perfectly confident that they are going to start showing everyone else the great behavior they show me.

Your child is bringing the Wednesday work folder home tonight with all of last week’s work.  Please peruse the work with your child, and then keep the work at home.  Please sign and date the folder and send it back tomorrow.


Math     p. 32-34

Spelling   worksheet

Also, some kids didn’t finish their LA page in class, so they are completing it at home.

Have a great afternoon!

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