Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Wednesday folders are coming home today.  Please look over your child’s work, and send the folder back signed tomorrow.

Join us if you can for Literacy Lounge at 9:30.

We are working very hard on listening to directions.  We have classmates who like to operate on their own timeframe, and then they miss what they are supposed to be doing.  Please remind your child to clue in and be sure of what to do next.

We took a division pop quiz today.  If a child did well, I will just put the grade in the book.  The kids who did not do well will meet in a small group with Mrs. Hill to help one another complete the quiz successfully, and then I will take a grade.

We learned about the coordinate plane and moving geometric shapes within it in Math today.  We learned some movements to remember translation, rotation, and reflection.  The kids particularly found reflection funny!


Spelling    p. 178

Reading    finish ant packet

Soc. Stu.   prepare for test tomorrow; study states and capitals for Friday

Have a great afternoon!

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