Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Today, I randomly checked assignment books, and I discovered that a decent number of kids are either not writing assignments down, or if they are, they are not writing information down completely.  So, to help get everyone on track, I will be signing off on some of the kids’ planners for the next week or so.  I do not expect you to sign off; I just want to make sure that all the kids are using their planners well.  If you are wondering if your child is doing well with his/her planner, look on the page for today.  If there is a purple star in the right hand corner, your child is doing fine.  If not, I’m going to be checking in with your child for awhile.


Spelling    Review your words

Soc. Stu.   work on extra credit due Fri.

Reading      vocab. worksheet

LA               continue research for African American report

Wednesday folders are coming home.  Please look at work and send the folder back signed tomorrow.  There is a field trip form to be filled out and returned as well.  If your child did not do well on his/her Science test, it will have a pink sticker on it, asking you to sign and return the test as well.  The test and the field trip form can come back in the Wednesday folder.

When checking PowerSchool, you may not yet see the grades entered for the work in the Wednesday folder.  There is usually a lag of about 5 days for grades to be entered.  I would suggest checking maybe twice a week to keep up to date on your child’s grades.

Have a great afternoon!

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