Wednesday, January 23, 2019

A late start always leaves us a little discombobulated all day, but we’ll still take it.  We took our Math test today, and worked on something for Open House on Sunday.  We also presented two more of our Science presentations, and took a little time to learn about circuits, conductors, and insulators.  Your child can tell you all about it!


Reading     final Top Ten list

LA             research/work on African American report

Spelling      p. 114

Several children enjoy using dry erase markers on our small white boards during indoor recess. I am fine with them doing this, but I have discovered an unintended consequence.  My markers are being used up!  If you have any old dry erase markers lying about the house, and would like to donate them to the cause (’cause we need them!) we’d all be most grateful.

Have a good evening!

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