Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Wednesday folders are coming home today, and they have a lot in them You’ll remember that we didn’t have a folder the week before Break.  Please peruse your child’s work, sign the folder, and return it tomorrow. In your child’s folder is a letter from the office explaining how to access Power School.  This will give you a peek into the grade book, so you will always know how your child is doing in all of his/her classes.  Grades are usually entered within 5 working days of graded assignments being turned in.  If you ever have questions about your child’s grades, your first resource should be your child.  He/she knows best about why an assignment is not turned in or why a low grade was earned.  If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to email me.

We have all chosen our subjects for our African American reports.  Several children have not returned their signed directions, however.  Those still need to come back to me tomorrow.  We will provide some research days here at school, and the first one is this Friday.  Please be sure your child has two resources on the person being researched so that he/she can take advantage of this time.

Again, we’ve had a great day! Kids have been on task, listening, and following directions.  We are getting so much done, and we’re not rushed!  Hopefully, this is the new normal!


Math      p. 356-357 (test tomorrow)

Science   get study guide signed; review material covered today

Soc. Stu.   have two resources by Fri.; finish MLK questions for tomorrow

Reading    idiom picture

If today doesn’t prove God has a sense of humor, then I don’t know what.  No snow for Christmas, but snow now? Totally not fair!  Be careful, and stay warm.


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