Wednesday, May 29, 2019

We continued to research our scientists today.  Some kids felt a little behind, and have decided to work at home as well.  We’ll finish up on Friday.  The kids also need to have all of their compliments written for Religion so we can start our hands tomorrow.  Many of them worked in class, but some are choosing to work at home tonight.

I am feeling very disappointed in self-control.  Yes, I know they are anxious to end the year, but we are still working.  Please remind your child that we do need to hold on and stay focused and on task for a few more days!

The final Wednesday folder is coming home today.  It does not need to be sent back to me.  Any other grades after today will be on Power School.

Our last day for AR tests will be Friday.

Please remember to send in your child’s magic eraser and rag, as well as a baggie and self-addressed, stamped envelope.


Spelling     scavenger hunt page

Math          worksheet

Reading     finish metaphor page

Have a great afternoon!

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