Wednesday, September 5

Today, we celebrated Nick S.’s tenth birthday.  Happy birthday, Nick!

Most children did not want their sloppy copy paragraph last night for their animal portrait due on Friday.  Your child most definitely needs to do it tonight, so that he/she has time to ask you to proofread, and then have the final done on Friday.  For those few who did get that paragraph done, they are ready for proofreading and starting the final.  I did send the paper for the final home tonight.

We are really having a difficult time with talking.  For example, today we had SIX down facing yellow cards, which is not cool.  Please discuss with your child the importance of being on task and not disturbing others.  I know this group is quite capable of doing better.  They just need to focus.

Wednesday folders are coming home tonight.  Please peruse and keep your child’s work, and send the signed folder home tomorrow.  Please also sign and send back the two Highlights forms, even if you do not wish to order the magazines.  We get free stuff, even for “no” forms.  Thanks!


Religion    test tomorrow, Ch. 1

Reading     read Ch. 6 in “Shiloh”; complete vocab. page

Spelling     worksheet from yesterday due

LA               work on animal portrait

We took a Math test today, and so far, the kids have scored very well.  They will come home next week.

Have a great afternoon, and try to stay cool!

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