Week of August 20

This week in 4T, we are working on a group project for the book Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. Students, in groups of 3, are reading a chapter, outlining the story elements on a poster and presenting their chapter to the class on Friday. We will not have a reading test this week, but the spelling test will be on Friday. In language, we are learning about complete sentences and the 4 types of sentences. In math, we are practicing sequences, place value, ordinal numbers and months, subtraction and writing numbers to 99. We do not have tests this week. In social studies, we are finishing up an Indiana Facts Scavenger Hunt classwork page started last week. We are also learning about the continents and oceans and geography terms. In religion, we are introducing the religion textbook. You will find our class schedule on the back of the students’ Wednesday Folders. Important dates:

8/17- Addi’s birthday                          8/30- No School (Teacher Curriculum Day)

8/22- 1:45 Mass                                   8/31- No School (Teacher Mission Day)

8/24- spelling test                               9/3- No School (Labor Day)

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