Week of August 27

This week in 4T, we begin reading the Newbery Award winning book Shiloh. Marty, an 11 year old from rural West Virginia, finds a dog he thinks has been mistreated by his owner, Judd Travers. Each week, we will read and discuss 3-4 chapters. Due to the short week, we will not have reading or spelling tests this week. Please note, the first day of each week, the students will have vocabulary to finish for homework- each word should be written on control-lined paper with a complete definition and part of speech. In math, we are adding money (with and without regrouping) and practicing using even and odd numbers. In language, we continue our study of the 4 types of sentences. I am also introducing the first formal piece of writing for the year- the personal narrative. Please look for the outline page being sent home on Tuesday. It needs to be signed by Wednesday. In social studies, we are reviewing the continents and oceans (practicing for a quiz late next week). In religion, we are reading chapter 1, God’s Providence in our textbook and about the creation story in the Bible. Please note the students have a 5-day weekend!! Important upcoming dates:

8/27- Kiki’s birthday                         8/31- No School (Teacher Mission Day)

8/29- 1:45 Mass                                 9/3- No School (Labor Day)

8/30- No School (Teacher Curriculum Day)

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