Week of November 5th

The highlights of the week are certainly Wednesday’s mass and our book projects! Our classmates did a wonderful job of reading and leading the school mass on Wednesday. We were all so proud! We’ve enjoyed sharing our fall book projects and learning about new, interesting books. The children’s creativity and effort is apparent on each bag—what fun!


As we read “The Kamishibai Man” we learned about the ancient form of Japanese story-telling. We used the help of illustrations and text clues to determine flashback segments of the story. We worked on new vocabulary and practiced drawing conclusions from implicit text.


As writers we learned more strategies to revise and edit our writing. With a partner we shared ideas to make our writing clearer and stronger. In the computer lab, we logged into our individual google accounts and practiced creating documents. Next week we work on publishing our own pieces.


We continued to build numbers as we expanded to the hundred thousand place. We practiced reading and writing numbers up to 999,999. We also practiced measuring length in inches with our rulers, measuring to the nearest quarter inch.


We have been discussing the church community and the blessing of a strong, active parish. As we hold the vocation chalice this week, we pray for continued vocations to make God known, loved and served. We also make plans to bring in items for the Food Pantry in an effort to take care of those most in need in our community.


Upcoming dates:

Monday, 11/12—NO SCHOOL—Veterans Day


Wednesday, 11/14—Food pantry donations collected. Our grade is asked to bring stuffing mix, pudding and jello.


Friday, 11/16—Turkey Trot with Pre-K buddies


Monday, 11/19—NO SCHOOL—Conference day


Tuesday 11/20- Friday 11/23—NO SCHOOL—Thanksgiving break



Enjoy the long weekend together!

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