Week of Sept. 10

We enjoyed 5 full days together this week! Our classroom caterpillar was a main attraction all week. We enjoyed watching the black swallowtail caterpillar munch on Queen’s Anne lace and move about. We are predicting it will form its chrysalis soon! We also celebrated Liliana’s birthday and courageous 8th grader, Connor, and began our first round of NWEA testing this week.

As readers we worked on character development. We examined the two main characters from our weekly story and listed character traits of each. Then we worked on finding text evidence to prove our points. We used our vocabulary works to notice suffixes and discuss multiple meanings of words. We continued to review long vowel sounds—focusing on vowel pairs ai, ay, ea, and ee. We are enjoying working in our Writer’s Notebooks as well. Our stories are developing as we discuss ‘zooming in’ on an idea and adding lots of details to enhance our stories.

We continued to practice our computation skills as we worked with the associative property—noticing that we can add addends in any order. The rest of the week we explored place value—noticing the value of each digit based on its placement in the number. Nightly practice of math skills is so important. It allows your child to master and be fluent with foundational skills.

We are beginning to learn about our 3rd grade service project with the Women’s Care Center. To start we are discussing the blessing of being a giving person. We read Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree and shared The Prayer of St. Francis to help us understand the importance of giving gifts from our hearts.

Coming up next week:

  • There is an early dismissal on Monday—2:00
  • We’ll continue with the reading section of the NWEA test.
  • Visit with Fr. Michael on Tuesday.

Enjoy your weekend together!

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