Week of Sept. 17

We enjoyed another fun, busy week together! We covered a lot of ground academically and enjoyed learning from each other.

Our class story this week led us to discussions on imagery, historical fiction and engineering. “Pop’s Bridge” left us with many questions about other bridges and the engineering feats of massive bridges. It also left us with a wonderful lesson—every member of a community/crew is valuable.

We reviewed double-digit addition and subtraction both with and without regrouping. We acted out a few math stories to show exactly what we are doing when we ‘borrow.’ We are continuing to practice telling time on an analog clock, as it is still tricky to decipher the ‘quarter to, of, till’ and “quarter past.’ Next week we’ll work on rounding to the nearest ten and hundred.

We completed six science stations working with forces. Each station allowed us to work with the concepts of balanced/unbalanced forces and magnetism. The students enjoyed the exploration and made thoughtful observations throughout.

As we prepare to learn more about the Women’s Care Center next week, we made our own ‘giving tree.’ Our tree is filled with leaves that describe a giving person. Be sure to come look at it in the hallway. Fr. Michael touched on some of these same ideas when he talked to us about love.

Next week:

-A representative from Women’s Care Center will teach us about the mission of this important service organization and how we can help.

-We will finish up this round of NWEA testing as we complete the language portion of the test.

Enjoy your weekend together!

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