Week of Sept. 4th

It was great to be back together after the long 5 day break! We had a busy week– reading, writing, investigating, celebrating Aaron’s and Luke’s birthday, meeting with Fr. Michael and enjoying being together!

In LA we practiced drawing conclusions as we read “The Trail of Cardigan Jones.” The setting of the story led us to many discussions on courtrooms and laws. We noted the difference between statements, questions, commands and exclamations. As writers, we worked on developing our ideas and staying focused on one topic.

As mathematicians we reviewed the relationships between addition and subtraction facts. We examined fact families and used that knowledge to help with algebra! We continued to practice telling time– analog clocks are tricky! We’ll keep practicing using phrases like “quarter after…”, “half past…” and “quarter to..”

In science we continued our study of forces. We explained how an object’s mass and friction affect the force needed to change it’s position. We used cars and different sized ball to prove our hypothesis.

We continued to discuss the seasons of the liturgical year– singing a familiar song from Catechesis of the Good Shepard. We enjoyed singing with Fr. Michael, attending mass on Wednesday and a prayerful Adoration on Friday.

Coming up next week:

  • We are starting a new spelling homework routine. Your child can choose two activities he/she would like to do to practice the week’s words.
  • We will begin our first round of NWEA testing on Monday. There are 3 sections of the test this year, so we’ll spread it out over a couple weeks.
  • Vision screening is on Wednesday, Sept. 12th.

Enjoy a wonderful weekend together!


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