Week of September 4

This week in 4T, we are reading chapters 4-7 of Shiloh. Marty decides to hide and keep Shiloh after he runs away again. Our regular work patterns apply this week and both the reading and spelling tests will be on Friday. Please note the students have an extra credit opportunity- see the Hounds page in their expandables (due on Friday). In language, we continue our practice of the 4 types of sentences and the students will be working on their first drafts of the personal narrative (due 9/14). In math, we are practicing reading and making number lines, addition word problems and missing numbers in subtraction. Wednesday is the test day this week. In social studies, we are reviewing the continents and oceans for a quiz on Thursday. We are also reading Lesson 1 Geography of Indiana in our textbook. Friday is our first mini economy pay day- feel free to look at your child’s Money Ledger to see how much money they earned and how or if they chose to spend any. In religion, we continue reading chapter 1 about God’s Providence. Important upcoming dates:

9/5- 1:45 Mass

9/7- weekly tests and payday and store for 4T

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